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Hens night party boat cruise Perth

Hens night party boat cruise Perth

Welcome to hens day boat cruise Perth on the Swan river in western Australia


Hens night cruises

Hens night cruises Perth

Hens night cruises on the swan river

Hens party Boat cruises

It’s definitely hen’s /wedding season now and girls are getting themselves organised for some great days and hens night Cruises out. Whatever you’re planning, you’re sure to have a great time It’s her day to enjoy, not a day for humiliation or laughter at her expense… make sure you also listen to her when she lets you know what she DOESN’T want to do… she’s your best friend so make sure you give her exactly what she wants (but a few surprises are allowed!). Hen’s parties are generally popular venues and activities get booked up months in advance, so be organised.


Girls love to splash out on hen’s activities, but if you’re desperate to do something really expensive, check with everyone first on what they’d be happy to spend. Generally around $50-100 per head, all in would be fine. Also remember there are likely to be mums and possibly grannies involved, so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your mum or granny to be party to!


not on the night. But for drinks in bars etc, allocate a kitty monitor and get money from everyone in advance – just start at $20 each and review the situation later! Activities are great to get the party started and also for girls to get to know each other – not all the hen’s friends will have met before. Ob a Hens night cruises we allow you to have fun together and catch up properly, not just try to communicate across a loud, crowded bar, people get lost etc. If you are going to do a bit of a crawl, start with a boat charter! We can drop you in Perth or Fremantle later!

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